Candle Chandeliers

Decorate your home into a classical imperial style with a Candle Chandelier only. The ancient candle light source is reproduced into a modern energy-saving candlestick-like chandelier, which is beautiful as well as environmentally friendly. Different materials and designs showcase the royal decoration of various countries, such as crystal candlestick chandeliers in the Middle East and vintage metal chandeliers in Europe.
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SKU: PL20019-1

As a traditional American-style chandelier, Globe Candle Chandelier will transform your home effortlessly. Available in 4, 5 or 6 heads, it will provide you with the timeless elegance you desire for your space.


The palace-style Minimalism Cage Pendant Light is a candlestick chandelier which always exude an elegance and a low-key luxury. It exposes the light source without lampshade, and the flame of the candles will never go out.

€ 225.00
SKU: RCC8241613-1

The French Romantic Candle Chandelier is full of the elegance of classical culture and the Renaissance poetry. It uses lines to modernize its design. With warm light, it will be a charming chandelier for living rooms.

SKU: BCL8241659-4

 With 6 light points, the BRISBANE ceiling lamp is a modern ceiling lamp in a simple and stripped-down style. The lamp has six arms with light points that spread a nice light over the room. Available in four different color finishes.

SKU: PL4008-1

Globe Cage Candlestick Chandelier combines the industrial cage lampshade and retro candlestick lamp holders, letting dazzling light to warm the whole space and create a homely and comfortable atmosphere.

SKU: PL066-1

Retro Umeiluce pendant light is an industrial pendant light full of typical American loft style. It features a wooden caged lampshade and the lamp holder in rust color, which reminds you of the spirit of flourishing industrial civilization.

SKU: PL8010-1

Glamorous Trapezium Cage Pendant Light, the simple industrial chandelier, is a great helper of modern decoration. Hanging it over the bar or dining table will have a special style and create a vintage atmosphere.

SKU: PL062-1

Retro Rust Iron Cage chandelier is just irresistible. The candle holder is made of iron with a rustic style and decorated with luxurious crystal.  It will create a nostalgic atmosphere. But don't forget to light up the candles!

SKU: CCC322-4

Candlestick crystal chandelier is a modern luxurious chandelier which displays the view that light reflect through the crystal and forming a "shiny diamond". Available in four different sizes.

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