Decorative Table Lamps

SKU: TTL8241629-1

Available for Fastest Shipping (DHL or DPD): Dia 37.3 cm x H 48.5 cm available

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SKU: Panthella-1

Available for Fastest Shipping (DHL or DPD)

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SKU: TL10108-13

Expedited Fastest Shipping (DHL or DPD) available: Beige gray not available

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SKU: TL414-4
€ 120.00 € 150.00

Night Owl table lamp is a unique design with a conical lamp base, an oval lampshade in aluminum, and nature-inspired colours.

SKU: TL14125412

The lamps are created from handmade washi paper and bamboo ribbing, supported by a metal frame.

€ 168.00
SKU: TL478-2

Fun 1TM/2TM Table Lamp is trendy and charming, which is perfect for your living room or bedroom. It features a two-ring or three-ring frame with hanging seashell discs like tassels. Available in two sizes.

SKU: TL745-1
€ 125.00

Gregg Table Lamp is well known for its shape of goose's egg. The interesting and novel look with a white finish makes it like a glowing pearl at night. A variety of sizes help it easy to be placed in any environment.

SKU: TL4578423-1
€ 224.00 € 280.00

Available for Fastest Shipping (DHL or DPD): Only Dia 40 cm is available

✔ 3-5 days delivery to EU countries

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SKU: TL746
€ 184.00

Expedited Fastest Shipping (DHL or DPD) available.

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SKU: TL750-1

With warm light, the interesting and novel lampshade of Planet Table Lamp will immerse you in the mysterious Milky Way, which must be an eye-catching ornament. Available in four finishes.

€ 185.99

With classic simple color, personalized Cap Table Lamp is a retro artwork, which will never be out-dated. Made of metal. Available in two finishes.

SKU: TL8044-1
€ 125.00

Just as its name shows, Saint table lamp is elegant, as if it had been baptized, to calm people down. Composed by straight line, circle and sphere. Available in two finishes.

SKU: FL717-1
€ 250.00

LED Sunset Light brings a romantic and gorgeours visual feast, which can make you enjoy the sunglow at home. It is useful for creating a particular atmosphere and tone. Available in five dimensions and two light colors.

SKU: TL6011-1

This cute and chic ELK LED Table Light is creative and full of childlike, which can bring much fun to you. Featuring a shape of deer, it is suitable for those who like childish things. Certaily, this is a good choice for children's rooms.

SKU: TL751-3

PLUME Table Light is a beautiful and romantic decoration on the table, which is perfect for the bedroom or living room. The soft white feather lampshade gives a comfortable visual effect. Available in two bases.

SKU: TL6008-6

This small and lovely Creamy Table Light can create many atmospheres, such as serene Japanese Zen, Korean romance and retro style. Available in various color combinations, it has a smooth visual effect, making you feel relaxed.

SKU: TL6007-1

This popular CREAM Table Light gives you a comfortable and soft visual feeling. When illuminated, the light will form a beautiful gradient effect due to the corrugated lampshade and the glass base. Available in two colors.

SKU: TL8789-1

Ripple Table Light is an elegant table lamp with a symmetrical pattern which makes it look like a mural. The glossy ceramic and soft silk cloth are combined in fresh color tones. Available in two sizes and four finishes.

SKU: WL6009-1

This decorative DECOR LED Table Light, with the LED-strip, creates a romantic starlight banquet, so that the night is no longer cold and dark. The geometric metal frame shows the eternal beauty.


The functional TWO Table/Wall Light has a metallic caged body with a leather handle, which can be hung on the wall or set on the table. It not only reveals the luster of metal and leather, but also creates lots of fun.

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