Aim Pendant Light

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  • Dia 18 cm x H 15 cm
  • Dia 24.5 cm x H 18 cm
Body Color
  • Black
  • white
Number of Head
  • 1 Head
  • 2 Heads
  • 3 Heads
  • 4 Heads
  • 5 Heads
  • 6 Heads
  • 7 Heads
  • 8 Heads
  • 9 Heads
  • 10 Heads


Aim Pendant Light

This Aim pendant light is very simple and practical. It looks like it is hung up by a long cable. It is full of randomness. If you don't set it up yourself, it even has a random lighting area, which is a very interesting light. There will always be some random elements around you in life that will give you more expectations and hope in your life.

Mainly made of aluminum and acrylic, this Aim pendant light uses a built-in LED chip, an energy-efficient LED light source. The shades are available in black or white and in two sizes. The number of heads of the light can be selected from one to ten according to your own needs, and the length and direction of the cable can be adjusted so that the light has a good degree of control.

Aim pendant light Product Size

  • Size A: Dia 18 cm x H 15 cm/ Φ 7″ x H 5.9″
  • Aim Pendant Light | Flos Aim Hanglamp | Kiki Lighting
  • Size B: Dia 24.5 cm x H 21 cm/ ∅ 10″ x H 8.3″

Aim pendant light Product Details

  • Material: Aluminum/Acrylic
  • Light source: LED (with Warm Light)
  • Power: 10 W
  • Weight: 3 kg / 6.6 lbs
  • Finishes: Black/White
  • Process: Baking Paint
  • We provide 700 cm/ 275.6″ wires which can be extended upon request.

Suggestion about Applicable Space

  • 1 Head: 3-5 ㎡, 2 Heads: 5-8 ㎡, 3 Heads: 5-10 ㎡, 4 Heads: 8-15 ㎡,  5 Heads: 15-18 ㎡

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Product Details

Data sheet

SizeDia 18 cm x H 15 cm
Dia 24.5 cm x H 18 cm
RoomDining Room
Living Room
Number of Head1 Head
2 Heads
3 Heads
4 Heads
5 Heads
6 Heads
7 Heads
8 Heads
9 Heads
10 Heads
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