When it comes to Black Friday, I believe everyone will be familiar with it. So what do you know about Black Friday? Today, let's talk about Black Friday.

Black Friday When

Black Friday is the first working day after Thanksgiving every year, which is the fourth Friday in November. Black Friday first started in 2005 as a shopping festival created by the American network shop.org. Later, due to the participation of more and more merchants, Black Friday became a national carnival shopping festival.

Black Friday Sales

On Black Friday, many businesses are running the best deals of the year. On this day, many customers buy a lot of products because of good prices. The turnover on Black Friday is closely related to the annual turnover of merchants, so Black Friday is regarded as a barometer of annual sales performance.

Black Friday Best Buy

On Black Friday, many malls open their doors at five or six in the morning to welcome customers. Because the number of promotional items is limited, many customers will queue up overnight at the store entrance to buy. If you choose to shop online on Black Friday, you can avoid the hassle of queuing. So this year's Black Friday, you might as well try online shopping.

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Yigolighting Black Friday Lighting Sales

If you want to buy lamps then you can pay attention to our website. During Black Friday, our website will have a lot of high-quality lighting on sale at super low prices. let me recommend a few popular products for you.

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The appearance of the opal light replica is exquisite. In the middle of the a glass pendant lighting is a metal bracket on which several opal glass balls are firmly fixed. The opal glass ball chandelier replica is currently available in three different sizes: 6 heads, 8 heads and 10 heads. You can choose the opal chandelier replica that suits you in different spaces.

The design of the aplomb pendant replica is practical. Aplomb lampa has a flat lampshade that allows the light to spread better all around. The foscarini aplomb replica has a minimalist appearance that adds style to your space.

The name of the gatto lamp replica means cat in Italian. The lampshades of flos gatto kopia are made of cocoon and steel with a graceful line design. When you light up the flos gatto replica, the soft light it emits creates a warm atmosphere in your home.

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The exterior of the octo pendant replica is cleverly conceived. Secto octo lamp replica is made by artisans with a weaving process that reflects the exquisiteness of their craftsmanship. The raw material of octo pendant lamp replica is wood, which gives a natural feel and makes people feel more comfortable.

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The shape design of the nessino table lamp replica is very stylish. From a distance, the nessino lamp replica looks like a cute mushroom. Nessino light replica can be placed on bedside tables, desks and other places to bring you bright light.

The ph artichoke replica has always been popular for its unique shape. The biggest feature of ph artichoke lamp replica is its shape like an open pine cone. The good-looking design of ph artichoke light replica is sure to make your home more charming.

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Pina pro table lamp replica is a practical table lamp. The pina battery light replica is small and easy to move. At the same time, the pina pro led table lamp replica has three levels of dimmable light, and you can change its light with the touch of a button.

Ph 5 lampe replica is a classic famous pendant. The three-layer lampshade of the ph 5 pendant lamp replica makes it look quite distinctive and beautiful. At the same time, the light emitted by the ph 5 light pendant replica is glare-free, which can prevent the light from directly hitting the eyes and better protect your eyesight.

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Flowerpot vp9 replica is a classic and popular table lamp. The flowerpot vp9 lamp replica has a minimalist design that goes well with any style of interior. Flowerpot lamp vp9 replica is colorful, each color has its own unique beauty.

The bolle pendant replica is a fantastic chandelier. The lampshade of bolle lampa consists of several transparent glass spheres. The bolle pendant light replica looks like a lot of soap bubbles floating in the air, giving you a wonderful visual experience.

Gubi multi lite replica is a pendant worth buying. The lampshade of the multi lite lampe can be rotated freely to adjust the lighting direction. When you hang the multi lite lampa on the ceiling of the dining room, its beautiful appearance makes your dining room more stylish.

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These are the Black Friday lighting picks on our website. During Black Friday, yigolighting will launch more great deals, so stay tuned.